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Installation of dishwasher

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Installation of dishwasher

Projec tinfo

Customer: Ahmadi Brothers Company
Project manager: Engineer Mehdi Mohammadian
Executive project: Namco cooling equipment service
Start: 15 August 98
End: 28 June 99
Measure the location of the dishwasher with a meter to make sure it fits. When placing the machine in its place, be careful that the power cord or drain hose is not placed under it and is not stretched. Insert the drain hose into the cabinet from a compartment fitted to the adjacent cabinet. Then pull the power cord out from the back. Now gently push the car back. If the height of the dishwasher is higher than the height of the cabinet, shorten the bases below it; And if the height is much lower than the level of the cabinet, you can raise the bases below it.

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